YiLi Food Co. Ltd. is located in Chaoshan Plain, where you can find profound tradition of delicious food, short distance to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, convenient traffic, a land of rich resources and above all one of the most important harbors in and abroad.

  The enterprise uses the SC production workshop certified by the state to produce scientifically, concentrates the essence of the five fruits and grains, and focuses on nutrition and balance, and carries forward the Chinese culture. Adhering to the natural law and craft, with five grains as the support, and five fruits as the help, it is committed to providing healthy and nutritious products for the people.

  Using the brands of "YILI","XIYANG","BAOERJIAN","SUHANG',"HUACAOSHAN" and so on, our company supplies hundreds of nutrient and healthy products for people in and out of China, such as Nutrient Wheat Flakes, Oatmeal, Walnut Powder, Walnut Milk, Black Sesame Paste, Almond Milk, Milk for Breakfast, Peanut Milk, Peanut Paste, Coconut Powder, Coffee, Milk Tea, Nutrient Porridge, Nutrient Rice Powder, Glucose, SUHANG Lotus Root Powder and SUHANG Chrysanthemum Granules. These products are popular with many customers and sold at a large quantity in big and middle cities in China, as well as Southeast Asia.

  Yili Food Co., Ltd. is located in Chaoshan area with profound food culture connotation, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, with developed transportation and abundant resources. Since its inception, it has devoted itself to exploring the traditional products that contain the essence of national food culture. In line with the tenet of "integrity is the foundation, quality is the life, science and technology are to promote development", the product not only sells well in nearly 100 large and medium-sized cities, but also sells well to Southeast Asia, and is deeply supported and loved by consumers. The company also has a group of high-quality managers, as well as beneficial employees who regard the company as a big family. They form self-strict management in the enterprise. While ensuring the safety and quality of products, they insist on doing well in after-sales service, constantly improving the reputation of the company, improving the brand image and forming the unique "benefits" of the enterprise. The culture of benefiting people.

  Yili is an enterprise that cultivates cohesion and centripetal force. The key is to cultivate a sense of responsibility, value identity and belonging for all employees of Benefit. We should advocate a positive culture, narrow the cultural gap at all levels, abide by the principle of equality for all and respect the achievements made by everyone. Let the corporate culture permeate the company's internal layer by layer, make employees love the company, consciously abide by the rules and regulations, gradually internalize the company's core concepts into employees'values, externalize the code of conduct into employees' conscious actions, and let employees "think from one place to another, strive for one place", thus constantly. Enhance the core competitiveness of the company.

Look at the space of benefit and feel the life of benefit people.  

Perfect testing system: precise control of raw materials and finished quality

Meticulous disinfection procedures: shoe changing room, cloakroom, washing room, air shower room and other meticulous disinfection procedures

Advanced production technology

Rich and colorful love life