Yili Food is committed to bring high-quality food to people. The enterprise uses the national certified SC production workshop to produce scientific production, concentrates the five fruits of the natural fruit grain essence, concentrates nutrition and balanced collocation, carries forward the Chinese culture, inherits the natural law and crafts, takes five grain as the support, and five fruits as the assistance, and devotes itself to providing different things for the people. Sound healthy nutritious food.

  Mr. Xie Qinyou, Senior Nutritionist, Health Manager, Director of Shantou Civil Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Supermarket Supplier, Vice President of Pharmaceutical Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of Metrological Testing Association, Supervisor of Jinping Food Chamber of Commerce, etc. Being enthusiastic and honest, honest and generous, benevolent and benevolent, it highlights a good image of public welfare. Business started in 1998.

  Adhering to the spiritual concept of Chinese Confucian businessmen, honest management, mindful of all living beings and taking both righteousness and interests into consideration, we should organically combine traditional Chinese virtues with new moral concepts derived from market economy, guide the development of enterprises with "Confucian businessmen culture", and realize the management objective of flourishing human beings and undertakings through moral appeal and action guidance. Mark.

  On the wall of the company exhibition hall, there is a strong calligraphy: "Innovation, survival, keeping pace with the times, excellence, making healthy and safe food, is also my duty to benefit people." This is the benefit speech written by Chairman Xie himself. It is also the cultural concept, value orientation and code of conduct recognized by the beneficiaries.

  As the saying goes, "Food is the God of the people". Food safety is a matter of vital interest to everyone, and its importance is self-evident. The integrity and quality of "Yili" can be confirmed by this. Its high quality raw materials, advanced production technology, strict management and delicious and healthy food are more praised by the world. This is an entrepreneur's adherence to social morality and conscience, and to the concept of health and safety!

  In recent years, with a grateful heart, on the road of career development, we have worked with some well-known experts to develop medicinal and food homologous products, promote healthy diet culture, strive to provide people with healthy products, and contribute a force of love to society.